An eKey is an encrypted electronic key. The supra eKey relocates your physical trick into the digital globe and also considerably boosts your home gain access to experience. With the Kevō application, you can delight in the protection and also benefit of complete eKey administration:

Send out an eKey to any person, anywhere, anytime

Momentarily disable or permanently delete any kind of user from the Kevō system

What Are The Various Types Of EKeys?

Owner eKey: When you set up your phone to deal with the Smart Lock, your phone will instantly get the only Owner eKey. The Owner eKey permits the individual to handle other customers (send out, disable, reassign and also erase eKeys), watch the lock's background, obtain notices, and delete the lock if required.

Admin eKey: Like a Proprietor eKey, an Admin eKey provides the recipient the capability to take care of users (send, disable, reassign and remove eKeys), check out the lock's history as well as get alerts.

Anytime eKey: You can send this eKey to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Arranged eKey: This eKey allows you to pre-set time restrictions for the recipient. You manage the days and also the moment of the week when the eKey will certainly be energetic.

Visitor eKey: This eKey enables you to give your Visitor unlimited accessibility for a 24 hr period and will certainly then be automatically deleted. If this eKey is not utilized within 24 hr after the eKey has actually been sent, it will certainly end.

What Is An Arranged EKey?

An arranged eKey allows you to regulate gain access to times. You control the days of the week and time of day the eKey enables the recipient accessibility to your lock.

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